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Monday Thru Friday:   BY APPOINTMENT

Saturday:                       BY APPOINTMENT

Sunday:                          CLOSED


The mind and body are designed to work together in harmony to be healthy.


Foot health is one of the several important keys to achieving this critical and delicate balance, and so, if your feet are happy, you will tend to be very well also.  


Empowered Soles' approach to well being uses the feet as the delivery method to eliminating stress, restoring and increasing foot health, and total overall wellness.

Describe your image.

Describe your image.

Empowered Soles Made to Measure Shoes

ULTIMATE FOOT EXPERIENCE! No extremity bears the burden of your life like your feet. Pamper them lavishly with The Ultimate Foot Experience.   It's like a facial for your feet!

MADE TO MEASURE SHOES (HEELS) When was the last time you had a comfortable pair of high heel shoes? LEARN MORE...

Made To Measure Shoes (POINTE)

FOOT EVALUATION Need Help Understanding Your Feet? Start Here! LEARN MORE...

MADE TO MEASURE SHOES (TANGO) Dance shoes made for how you move to the rhythm LEARN MORE...

CUSTOM MOLDED ORTHOTICS Proper foot support for maximum ambulation LEARN MORE...

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