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For the health of your feet...

                                   ... and your dance

​​​ Once you have custom made-to-measure Tango shoes on your feet everything changes for you (in a very good way), in fact, you will never go back to "off the shelf" shoes!


Why?  Simple, because custom made-to-measure Tango shoes are made to fit YOUR Feet!


No matter how you describe your feet (and we've heard a lot of creative descriptions over the years):

Peasant feet, Fred Flinstone feet, duck feet, hard-to-fit, cranky, curvy, wide, high arched, super high arched...


Whatever you call them, at Empowered Soles, we love to take care of them, and we will help you get that perfect fitting pair of Tango shoes that flatters the line of the foot and leg so you can allow your passion for the dance to be the primary focus!

Create Tango shoes that fit how you've always wanted!


The shoes that make you dance with the love and passion the art of the Tango demands!

Our on-site shoe maker and designer of over 20 years will take a cast mold of your feet, and then build a set of custom shoe Lasts that will be specifically designed for the proportions of your individual feet.

Here's the big secret, (not really).  There's nothing wrong with your feet.  Women's feet are generally wide in the forefoot and narrow in the heel with a high or flexible arch system, that's how it's supposed to be.  Off-the-self shoes don't typically account for this because they are missing the one most critical component in their manufacture,  YOUR FEET!


Without having your feet as a design reference, you're likely to have significate issues!  


But you already know this or you probably wouldn't be here.

​​The price of an Empowered Soles custom last is $100.00 USD, and is separate to the footwear price.


This one-time charge is an investment that will allow you to reorder as many shoes as you want once we make your pair of custom tango shoe lasts, and will also ensure shoes that will suit your needs, as long as they have the same heel height and toe shape...



... (changes such as these will require a new set of custom shoe lasts to be made for you)




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