Pointe work requires dedication, super mad skills, a lot of intelligence, and precision physical capabilities among other things.  


But...    ...You already know that!  

So, why are you allowing your awesome dancer's feet and your dancing to suffer needlessly because of pointe shoe issues?


Here's a 21st-century solution!

Consider custom made to measure pointe shoes!



At Empowered Soles, we do that!  With an onsite pointe shoe maker and designer of over 20 years, we take a cast mold of your feet, then build a custom pointe shoe last based on them.

Then, we won't stop until we've created a template pair of test pointe shoes that work for your needs.


Once this is accomplished, we then have a permanent pointe shoe last precision calibrated to you and your feet, and then all you do is dance and reorder pointe shoes knowing they will be made on lasts that are molded from your feet!


This approach ensures the best possible fit because you and your feet are part of the process, and then, with a permanent pointe shoe last, making pointe shoes for you that have the perfect fit is now a reality! 

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